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the mississippi river flood of 1927

[Map prepared by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey (the fore-runner of today’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in 1927, after the Great Mississippi Flood of that year.  The map shows “flooded areas and the field of operations”.  The great devastation produced by the 1927 flood — it flooded an area approximately equal to the entire area of New England, displacing nearly a million people —  prompted Congress to pass the 1928 Flood Control Act, which authorized the Army Corps of Engineers to survey, prepare flood control plans for, and erect bigger, stronger, more complex flood control infrastructures along the courses of the Mississippi, its tributaries, and the Sacramento River.  View the full-size map here.]

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  2. namhenderson says:

    love the fact that the map had in it’s title Field of Operations… I assume they are referring to the river’s Field of Operations? Or is it the Corps field of operations in response? Although they may in fact i suppose be the same thing.