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verbal cartoons

Suggested additional Ecological Urbanism conference cartoons for Klaus, roughly in the spirit of Dan Liebert:

1. Koolhaas standing before his firm’s crudely diagrammatic proposal for European energy production: “We still haven’t moved beyond the harmless arrows… [Piano is] either outrageously innocent or deeply calculating”

2. A pie chart. In red: the percentage of time devoted to exploring ecology, urbanism and the interaction between the two: 49%. In blue: the percentage devoted to expressing gratitude to Harvard University for gathering its professors (though, to be fair, you did not apparently have to be a current professor to be invited to speak) in one room, to the University President for supporting the conference, to explaining how wonderful Moshen Mostafavi is for realizing that a conference on the intersection of ecology and urbanism would be timely, etc.: 51%

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  1. sbecker says:

    It’s about time we got ourselves a “cynicism” tag.