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fool me once…

Brutal takedown of the Berlin iteration in Libeskind’s Jewish Museum franchise.  A pressing concern of many young architects fresh from school looking for their first job is getting pigeon-holed into doing work they dislike like for the rest of their career due to early choices.  But, perhaps even more tragic is the architect who gets to do exactly the sort of work they want, only to suffer the same fate of limited options and caricatured, intellectually lazy designs.

2 Responses to “fool me once…”

  1. rholmes says:

    Did I ever tell you about the time I telemarketed Daniel Libeskind? I temped at a telemarketing place maybe five years ago (it was as soul-destroying as it seems like it would be) and the calls I was assigned were for a security system company who was trying to sell architects on using their products.

    One of the contacts on the list was Libeskind himself, which I thought was fairly humorous. Never did get past the secretary, though…

  2. Harry says:

    Daniel Libeskind is a shallow, superficial opportunist. The Times are among the newspapers calling him for the intellectually incompetent buffoon he really is.