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the people’s public works

Here’s one such strategy for applying architectural tactics to a much broader set of situations and materials, Stephen, from Rebar (who are perhaps the best current example of a group doing such things, at least that I’m aware of):

The project, entitled “The People’s Public Works”, “[lures] the public into a carnival midway with infrastructure as the theme” and is sited in the excavated bowels of a block awaiting the arrival of a new skyscraper, perhaps delayed or halted by lack of financing. “The pit would offer an array of ad hoc nooks where people could explore the nuts and bolts of city building. Explorers might encounter a workshop on pothole repairs, celebrations of public servants, participant games and artists-in-residence – all amid surplus piles of such urban arcana as backhoes and orange cones.” If and when construction resumes, the People’s Public Works — being as much social organization as physical installation — uproots itself and is reinstalled in another excavation, revealing another set of infrastructural conditions to the public eye.

[link via Landscape+Urbanism]

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