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future suburbia

Worldchanging has a nice feature extrapolating the future of suburbia from current trends, which has long been one of Stephen and I’s favorite pastimes. Excited to see what further ideas for said future(s) may percolate out of the Reburbia design competition, which just concluded this past Friday (results should be posted within a week or so). In the meantime, I’m entertaining myself by browsing the “Housing Bubble” pool on flickr.

One Response to “future suburbia”

  1. Stowe Boyd says:

    Seemed kind of tame to me, and didn’t mention the deconstruction activities already going on. Habitat for Humanity is deconstructing residences that are empty, and many municipalities are doing the same.

    We will be taking the suburbs apart, and reusing the bots — the wood, the copper wire, the windows — as we redensify downtowns.

    And the suburbs will become farmland?