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smudge clui tour

Highly recommend reading Smudge’s account of a CLUI tour of nuclear New Mexico, if you missed BLDGBLOG and Pruned‘s recommendations (which seems unlikely, because I don’t know why anyone would be reading mammoth but not that pair):

“This sense of the technological sublime in New Mexico runs from the earthships of Taos to the test tracks of Holloman; from the Virgin Gallactic tourist spaceports of Upham, to the alien crash sites of Roswell;. . . from the Very Large Array to the very large pointy spikes of Lightning Field; … from the hollow nuclear chambers of the Manzano Mountains to the electromagnetic pulse test trestles of Kirtland. This land was made by you and me.” [Matt Coolidge of CLUI, as quoted by Smudge]

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  1. saurabh says:

    “I don’t know why anyone would be reading mammoth”…i read it because I feel you guys are able to assimilate a mismatched buffet of information, trivia, sustainability and everything else and provide a view that has a more clearer socio-political alignment, without which it is like floating in a sea of awe, wonder and future speculations but no alignment…like post political diplomacy.