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re-inhabited circle-k’s

[“Mini-Mart, Albuquerque, NM”; photographer Paho Mann documents the diverse array of stores that re-inhabit the empty shells abandoned by the national corporation Circle-K; the current lives of Circle-K’s include “a dry cleaners, a couple of florist shops, a tattoo parlor, a tuxedo rental place, several mini-marts and dollar stores, and Bridgett’s Last Laugh Karaoke and Fish Fry.” More evidence of the suburb as a locus for informality in the American city. See the full slideshow at Places, and a map of the locations Mann is studying in Phoenix and Albuquerque on his website.]

2 Responses to “re-inhabited circle-k’s”

  1. faslanyc says:

    this is really interesting. noting that throughout history we constantly repurpose infrastructure for a lighter use (kind of like energy degrades at each stage) and that is a big push in landscape architecture now to redesign post-industrial sites, i’ve been wondering how that little ubiquitous piece profiled here will be re-used when cars no longer use gasoline. Gas stations are everywhere throughout the u.s. and they contain very distinct physical elements- a stand alone, cheap building, a canopy, huge underground resevoirs. this is the next bonanza in 25 years, perhaps. first railroads and waterfronts, now this. This project is the first green shoots. Nice find!

  2. rob says:

    Yes — those underground reservoirs are particularly fascinating. Have to imagine that there are clever uses for them waiting to be discovered.