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readings: bloggers

A few blogs, mostly relatively recently added to the reading list:

Millenium People, which is on an Arctic hiatus, but should return after Christmas; a recommended starting point: the data city + jules verne // Serial Consign, Greg Smith (of Vague Terrain) on “digital culture and information design” // Quiet Babylon; as it says, “cyborgs, architects, and our wierd broken future”; recommended for fans of Bruce Sterling // Urban Tick, a research blog coinciding with studies on cycles, rhythms, space, time and technology within the city at CASA // faslanyc, critical commentary on both landscape architecture practice and other commentary on the same (a representative post: Tactics vs. Strategy: What would Juvenille Do?) // dpr-barcelona, mostly pretty pictures, but with enough context to make them informative (for instance: Nicholas Szczepaniak’s gorgeous Blackwater Estuary warning towers) // Inventing Green, Alexis Madrigal on the history of ‘green’ technology (for instance: The Solar Space Race That Never Was) // and, as a brief but entertaining diversion, looks like dune, a tumblr of images which, in aggregate, will remind one of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

3 Responses to “readings: bloggers”

  1. Thanks! Great to see Tim Maly’s project (Quiet Babylon) on this list, too. He’s probably my most frequent interlocutor on the Twitter. We’re @alexismadrigal and @doingitwrong.

  2. rholmes says:

    Certainly; Inventing Green is great reading, and I’m looking forward to the book, as well. I sense my resistance to twitter, which is born out of some mixture of awareness that I’m already trying to do too many things at once and general Luddite-ism, growing weaker. (It’s weak enough at this point that I’ve got an account, @eatingbark, though I’m neither following nor being followed yet.)

  3. Hi Rob, thanks for including our blog on the list, and also thanks for sharing some other interesting blogs! If you decide to become more active on twitter, we’re @ethel_baraona and @dpr_barcelona