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outfall canals

[Lafitte Outfall Canal, one of the three massive concrete slits that drains New Orleans into Lake Pontchartrain in severe rainfall.]

[Orleans Canal]

[The London Avenue Canal; photograph at I-10 crossing.]

[Photographs of New Orleans’ outfall canals, by reader Ramiro Diaz (and supplemented with Google Maps imagery).  Diaz works with Waggonner Ball Architects, a New Orleans-based firm which has been doing a great deal of work on water management, infrastructures, and public space in New Orleans since the Katrina disaster, including sponsoring the “Dutch Dialogues”, a series of “extended interactions” between “Dutch engineers, urban designers, landscape architects, city planners and soils/hydrology experts” and their Louisianan counterparts.  More photographs can be seen on Diaz’s website.]

2 Responses to “outfall canals”

  1. Diaz’s photos are outstanding, and combining them with the satellite images creates a wonderful multidimensional perspective. Thank you for posting these and assembling so much great content lately on waterways.

  2. harry says:

    After the Katrina this things were at last taken serious, here in Holland we have fighting the water centuries long and we have known the danger.