dredge research collaborative: live interview @ studio-x – mammoth // building nothing out of something

dredge research collaborative: live interview @ studio-x

[The Dredge Research Collaborative — Stephen, Tim Maly, and myself, with fourth member Brett Milligan present in spirit but not body — in live conversation back in January at Studio-X NYC about the dredge cycle, artificial islands, geotubes, sensate geotextiles coating aqueous terrain, the scale of human influence over sediment, the New York Bight’s “Mud Dump Site”, other landscapes of dredge, and the potential involvement of the design disciplines in the territories affected by anthropogenic sediment handling practices. As we mentioned then, we’re planning to be back in New York, again with Studio-X, for a longer event this fall, where we’ll talk to organizations operating on and designers designing for the landscapes of dredge, as well as getting out into and exploring those landscapes (by boat!). Further details will be forthcoming.]

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