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environments of extraction


I’ll be at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York this Friday evening, speaking on a panel about “Environments of Extraction”:

Resource extraction and urbanism have always had an intimate love/hate relationship. In the past fifty years, we have witnessed this relationship yield a series of global infrastructures and cities that are increasingly impacting and influencing all aspects of the globe. As these infrastructures, landscapes and territories become inadvertently integrated into the contemporary city, how can they be reconceived to address issues of urbanism that sit outside the logistics of resource extraction? During this panel discussion, we will examine the role of resource extraction on urbanism and question how design can hybridize these infrastructures with the competing forces of economics, geopolitics, cultural values, and ecologies.

The panel is part of the launch tour for Neeraj Bhatia and Mary Casper’s recent book, The Petropolis of Tomorrow, which “speculates on new methodologies for integrating infrastructure, landscape, urbanism and architecture within the larger spheres of economics, politics, and culture that implicate these disciplines”. The event should kick off around 7 pm this Friday (21 Feb) and is open to the public; Storefront is located at 97 Kenmare Street.

[You can follow the general progress of the Petropolis of Tomorrow research project through its research website and blog.]

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