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pilot projects

In an article for the recently-launched ARPA Journal, Kate Orff describes a pair of SCAPE pilot projects in New York Harbor, both testing the viability of ecological design concepts for specific harbor-dwelling species along the edge of Brooklyn’s industrial waterfront. [The blue mussel pilot project; image by SCAPE via ARPA Journal.] The first, located near […]

restoring the land-making machine

[The fluctuating terrain of the lower Mississippi River Delta, from the USGS’s map of “land area change in coastal Louisiana from 1932 to 2010”.  Loss is in red; accumulation is in green.  The map is seen via Free Association Design, where you can see the map in more detail, including the rapidly accreting area of […]

atchafalaya ii-c: old river hydraulic sediment response model study

[Video from the Army Corps of Engineers’ “Old River Hydraulic Sediment Response Model Study”, in which a physical model of Old River Control was used to test the distribution of sediment deposition under various flow conditions in the Low Sill and Auxiliary Structures. The testing was prompted by the observation of problematic deposition in the […]

dike field

[A dike field in the Mississippi River near Greenfield, Mississippi; via bing maps.] In the Mississippi River, dike fields are constructed in order to direct the river’s flow to a central channel, scouring it and reducing the need for dredging.  Though their primary purpose is to thus maintain navigability for shipping, dike fields tend, as […]

the waterways experiment station

[The Waterways Experiment Station, in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is currently the home of the Army Corp’s Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory.  (It also is the entity which operated the Mississippi Basin Model, and the research into flood control and river hydrology which was once conducted physically on that model and its sister models is now conducted, primarily […]

marsh experiments

[A model built by Alan Berger, Harvard graduate student Gena Wirth, MIT professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Heidi Nepf, and CEE graduate student Jeff Rominger, to test for the optimum design of pollutant-removing vegetated channels, as part of Berger and P-REX’s Pontine Systemic Design; image via MITnews.] I love this: [T]he Pontine Marshes project […]