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out in the wind, above ground, out in the weather

[Appropriate for the gradual approach of winter in the mid-Atlantic: photographs from Alexander Gronsky’s “The Edge”, a series of shots taken along the outer boundary of Moscow; via @ballardian.  Thinking about whitesward and glacier wrap again…]

vancouver whitesward

[Thin veins of augmented and imported snowpack wind down Cypress Mountain, prepared for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (“snow was being trucked to Cypress Mountain from higher elevations” and “organizers had placed tubes filled with dry ice on courses to keep surrounding snow from breaking down”), via NASA Earth Observatory.  Read more about whitesward at […]

glacier wrap

[“Ice Protector OPTIFORCE®”, in situ; images via Eiger International] Or, the second implement in a developing toolbox of landscape tactics for the deployment of snowed architecture: a new f*cking wilderness reminds me that the Swiss have been wrapping their snow to preserve it (and their ski slopes) through the summer, hoping to stave off the […]