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pathological superpositions

I’ve mentioned before my fondness for the blog Pathological Geomorphology, but this month’s theme is particularly fantastic: the interface of human landscapes and geomorphology.  In Green River, Utah (above), for instance, an extinct oxbow determines contemporary land-use patterns; other examples so far include farmed alluvial fans in Asian deserts, Pennsylvania farmland interspersed between anticlines, and glaciofluvial urbanism in Peru.

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  1. snaufuz says:

    Circles as system to design the development, interest me a lot. I like to focus on what could be on the residual space that are between the circle and the square…

  2. […] of the interstate highway system, juxtaposing the plans with contemporary aerials, looking (like urban geologists tracing the forms of ancient oxbows) for the signatures of unbuilt infrastructures in sprawled land-use […]