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glitch jam

[The Placer County Courthouse, in Auburn, California -- imagine it swarmed by a glitch jam.]

NPR reported this morning on a traffic jam in California caused by an algorithmic glitch “accidentally summon[ing] 1,200 people to jury duty on the same morning”. An excellent reminder of the tendency of algorithmic dysfunction to manifest as physical dysfunction, and (at a relatively small scale) of the potentially¬†disproportionate¬†impact of glitches when they are translated from dataspace into an infrastructural system. The glitch may be as simple as having accidentally swapped the 0 indicating “do not come in” for the 1 indicating “come in”, but the resulting jam is rendered in aluminum autobodies and on asphalt corridors where it is much more difficult to clear than it was to create.

5 Responses to “glitch jam”

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  2. namhenderson says:

    would this qualify as New Aesthetic urbanism?

    • rob says:

      You’ll be needing to start that tumblr, Nam. Half Seasides and Kentlands, half bold glitch patterns. In a year, you’ll be putting together a panel at SXSW.

  3. namhenderson says:

    especially now that the new-aesthetic tumblr has itself now closed….